Critical Mail Processing


Critical Business Mail—a step above standard

There is mail, and then there is what we call “critical business mail.” Checks, invoices, and other transactional pieces require extra diligence and measures not taken with standard mailing. NDSI has a long history of handling critical mail. Critical mail processing includes physical and electronic security measures, extensive multi-stage quality checks, and adherence to mail deadlines ensure that confidential information remains confidential and arrives when it is needed.

Let our experts handle your Critical Business Mail, allowing you to focus on your core business.


• Statement and Invoice Design
• Graphic and Logo capabilities
• High Speed Laser Printing
- Continuous Feed
- Cut Sheet Paper
- Digital Color
- Simplex & Duplex
• Intelligent Inserting and Multiple Set Insertion
• Archival Services
• Custom & Personalized Letter Creation
• Marketing Services
• Past Due Notices
• Collection Letters
• 100% Mailed

Document Printing

NDSI Direct Solutions is currently laser printing over 42 MILLION documents per year for local and state governments, the insurance industry, and direct marketing. Our state-of-the-art digital printers can print a wide range of correspondence, including letters, postcards and billing statements, all with embedded variables, graphics and signatures.

As an offset print broker, NDSI partners with some of the largest printers in the country. Our combined client volume effectively reduces our costs and the savings are passed on to you.


Timing, security, and accuracy are paramount when money is involved. NDSI understands the processes and knows how to put the invoice in the customer’s hands when it needs to be there. With an in-depth knowledge of USPS® delivery processes, protections in place for sensitive information, and multi-step data and printing quality checks, the invoice will arrive right, and right on time.

Transactional Data

Sensitive variable data is the heart of the transactional printing process. NDSI is adept at handling strict industry or government requirements and deadlines. Take advantage of our custom solutions for a wide variety of transactional data print projects—your project.

  • Account Statements
  • Benefit Statements
  • Cancellation Notices
  • Collection Notices
  • Forms & Reports
  • Electronic Documents for eStatements


NDSI understands the need for utmost confidentiality of our customers’ mailing list data and other proprietary information.
Our security safeguards include:

  • Network password-protection and firewalls prevent unauthorized access.
  • Password protection of each workstation.
  • Encrypted data file sending and retrieval.
  • Password protected proprietary FTP hosted on internal servers for uploading and downloading large amounts of data.
  • “Spoiled” customer documents are deposited in secure containers posted throughout the plant and for shredding.
  • Employees sign a “customer confidentiality agreement,” of which strict adherence is required.
  • Restricted access to sensitive areas.

Quality Assurance

Quality is not just a word, it is our passion and lies at the very heart of our business. Our quality control process is so unique we call it QC Level3. Continuous considerable investments in our people and in the latest equipment help us ensure that quality processes and procedures are in place throughout the company.

  • Quality Management: Detailed instructions, samples, and sign-offs at each point in the process ensure that we provide the highest quality service for our clients.
  • Data Processing: All incoming data is “flight” checked to verify its validity before processing is begun.
  • Laser Printing: Constant updating of printing and equipment accompanied by regular inspections confirms conformity to client expectations.
  • Inserting: Inserting jobs are hourly compared against the control sample.
  • Warehouse: Our fully computerized warehousing system records every item we hold in stock under a unique reference number.